Imagine a lamp, that interprets and responds to your words,
with its own visual language.



Imagine a lamp, that interprets and responds to your words, with its own visual language.

With the help of the Volumiér-App, you can provide the lamp with your chosen search query. Based on your term, Volumiér searches the web and within a second, surprises you with a matching colour composition. The projection is comprised of four colours in a circular gradient.

The result is an extraordinary dynamic light, that adapts and develops like the web. You can select an atmospheric light that reflects a sunset in your home town or the Caribbean, but Volumiér can also interpret how words such as »sustainability«, »diversity« or even »anxiety« may be represented by light.

– 3rd semester | Interactive Design | Prof. Erich Schöls

Ambient Mode

Tilt the head unit backwards in order to generate a pleasant ambient light. Coloured patterns will blend into atmospheric projections on walls and ceilings. With Volumiér, you are not limited to selecting simple words such as »green« or »red« it also interprets and projects the colours for complex topics such as »tropical rainforest«.

Making of

I started the semester with a bunch of experiments concerning light and reflection with digital LED strips, controlled by an Arduino Uno. With a simple light box I discovered the effects of several color combinations and pulsating light. Later on I made some tests with dichroic foil and its reflections, till I came to the idea of communication with light, which finally ended up in Volumiér. In the building process of the lamp I learned a lot about product design, electronics, soldering and manufacturing methods with materials like steel and concrete.

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