Connecting Würzburg

Discover your surrounding with an intuitive city navigation

The national gardening will 2018 take place in Würzburg. A lot of tourists are expected coming to the city, visiting the show and spending some time in Würzburg. Sights like the Residence or the Festung are on everybody´s Top 5 list, but there are so many other lovely places worth a visit. During the gardening show a lot of cultural und educational event will take place, as well as some concerts. To make all this come alive it need and intuitive and dynamic system.

The app we have developed makes it easy to search the city for events, sight and point of interest, concerning the gardening show. All you have to do is a simple turn with the smartphone in your hands. With the help of the compass all reachable places in the pointed direction will appear on screen. With a further touch you´ll get detailed information.

– 3rd semester | Exhibition Design | Prof. Claudia Frey

In the design process we decided for a dynamic and powerful net, that represents the ned emerging connections in the city of Würzburg. The green net could also appear as an interactive installation in public space, projected on both traditional and modern buildings.

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