Experience Thom Yorke

Radioheads musical genius.

This was my first project in "Interactive Media". The task was to present a personal hero in an interactive way. I tried to divide Thom´s person from his music by providing two layers: the projection on the mosquito net in the front and the performance on a display in the back. The LEAP Motion brings in a haptic experience by controlling the information in the front. The text moves with the hand and with a simple swipe gesture the information changes.

– 2nd semester | Interactive Design | Prof. Erich Schöls

Making of

With my decision of picking Thom Yorke as my personal hero I started to do several projection mappings on physical objects and materials, deeply inspired by the songs of Radiohead. Playing around with the reflections of a screen on plexiglass and the iPad´s glossy display I came across the Pepper´s Ghost effect, which gave me the chance of creating multiple image and content layers. The idea of using a mosquito net for a front projection led me to the final result.

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